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Launch Your Adjusting Career With Confidence

Our training academy propels graduates into successful adjusting careers.

At MileHigh Adjusters Houston, we're passionate about launching successful adjusting careers.  That's why our in-depth training is delivered without compromise.  As a graduate of our training academy, you'll embark on your new career as a professional adjuster with the practical skills, industry knowledge, and credentials needed for success.

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The Most Complete Adjuster Training Available Today

Are you interested in launching an exciting and rewarding new career as a professional insurance adjuster?  If so, the professional training team at MileHigh Adjusters Houston is ready to help you. 

At MileHigh Adjusters Houston, our industry-leading training academy will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and licensing you'll need to stand out as an adjusting professional.  Graduates of our training academy embark on exciting new careers with confidence, armed with the in-demand skills needed to thrive in the adjusting industry. 


Journey To Becoming An Independent Adjuster

Training with MileHigh Adjusters Houston is flexible and affordable.  With both 10 and 14 day training programs, and classes available year round, you're sure to find a training class to fit your needs.  And with classes capped at 46 participants per session, you're certain to receive the personal attention you'll need to excel!

The Nation's Best
Adjuster Training 

At MileHigh Adjusters Houston, we're committed to launching successful insurance adjusting careers. 

We know that there are no shortcuts to success - that's why we're proud to offer the nation's most comprehensive adjuster training program. 

Graduates of our training academy are equipped with the practical skills, industry knowledge, and credentials needed to "hit the ground running" from day one.

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Insurance Adjuster Careers

When we visit with recent graduates of our Training Academy, we often hear some version of the same refrain: "I can't believe I didn't find this career sooner!"  So what makes life as a professional insurance adjuster so great?

Financial Opportunity

There's no denying the financial benefits of an insurance adjusting career. Proficient adjusters have been known to make upwards of $1,200 per day processing storm claims!


When you choose a career as an insurance adjuster, you take control of your lifestyle and schedule.  You can choose to work as an independent contractor, or work in team environment as a staff adjuster.

Make a Difference

Wherever there's a natural or catastrophic emergency, that's where you're needed.  Enjoy the satisfaction of helping people get back on their feet all across the country. 


Successful Adjusting Careers Start at the MileHigh Adjusters Houston Training Academy

I recently completed the 10-day boot camp at MileHigh Adjusters Houston, and I can confidently say it was the best decision I ever made for my career in property adjusting. My journey started during the Covid era when I took an online course from a highly reviewed school but felt the need for hands-on experience. After a 7-year detour into auto adjusting, I was eager to dive into property adjusting with the right training.MileHigh Adjusters Houston stood out during my research, and after speaking with CEO Mark Smith, and Chris Love, I was impressed by their patience and willingness to address all my questions without pushing me into a decision. I opted for the 10-day boot camp, and it exceeded all my expectations.Billy Banks, the instructor at MileHigh, brings real-life, true situations into the classroom, making the learning process engaging and exciting. Unlike other classes, this one is far from stuffy and boring; it's a dynamic environment where Billy imparts a wealth of information about Xactimate, scoping, and the entire process of handling claims in the field. The hands-on approach is invaluable and gave me the confidence I needed.One of the standout features is the Level 1 and Level 2 Xactimate certification courses offered in person, providing a comprehensive understanding of the software. While Level 3 is available online, MileHigh's commitment to excellence doesn't stop there. The option to attend the course for a refresher at no additional charge is priceless and underscores their dedication to your success.What truly sets MileHigh apart is the genuine care they show for their students. The trio behind MileHigh Adjusters Houston — Billy Banks, Mark Smith, and Chris Love—are down-to-earth, approachable, warm, friendly, and, not to mention, funny! They go beyond just providing a course; they offer resume reviews, a list of firms to kickstart your career, and a supportive network that feels more like a family.Choosing Mile High Adjusters Houston was an investment in myself, and it has proven to be the key to my success in the industry. If you're serious about excelling in property adjusting, look no further — MileHigh Adjusters Houston is the Gold Standard.
Cindi Jae
Academy Graduate
Real industry training for new and seasoned adjusters. Ive been a desk adjuster for 3 years and wanted to become a field adjuster. I researched other schools and attended "boot camp" trainings, however, MileHigh Adjusters Houston is the best hands down. The entire staff is awesome from the first initial call to the completion of the course. Billy was an amazing and informed instructor. There is a mock little house that we were able to scope and estimate. We learned everything to be successful as a field adjuster. Worth the investment. If your still asking questions in social media how and where to get started or your a Desk Adjuster wanting to transfer to the field. Consider MileHigh Adjusters Houston!
Mar Dun
Academy Graduate
My journey at the MileHigh Adjusters Houston 10-Day Boot Camp has been nothing short of transformative, and I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience. Trainer Billy Banks, with his profound knowledge of property adjusting, is truly a standout professional. Entering the program with minimal understanding of field property adjusting, I was amazed at how much I learned in just 10 days. Billy's expertise and precise Xactimate training left me feeling not only confident but well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the field. The incorporation of real-life scoping and roofing estimating exercises inside the house provided hands-on experience that set this program apart from others. The inclusion of Xactimate Level 1 & Level 2 certification is a testament to the program's commitment to excellence. Billy's teaching style is not only effective but also tailored for success in the certification exams. The dedication to ensuring each participant is thoroughly prepared speaks volumes about the quality of education provided. Mark, the owner, is nothing short of amazing, demonstrating a genuine care for each person attending the program. Chris, approachable and knowledgeable, is always ready to answer any questions, fostering a family environment that makes MileHigh truly unique. MileHigh goes above and beyond by offering assistance in resume building and providing employment leads, emphasizing their sincere commitment to helping graduates succeed in their careers. Billy Banks embodies the definition of an excellent trainer, employing a no-nonsense, real-life approach that propels your capabilities from 0 to 100 in just 10 days. The value MileHigh Adjusters Houston provides is unparalleled, making every penny invested worthwhile. Having thoroughly researched various programs, I can confidently say that choosing MileHigh Adjusters Houston was one of the best decisions I've made. If you are seeking excellence in property adjusting training, look no further—MileHigh Adjusters Houston’s 10-Day Boot Camp is the epitome of quality education, support, and real-world preparation.
Amazin Dee
Academy Graduate

Questions About Payment Options for Training?

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