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Our training academy propels graduates into successful adjusting careers.

At MileHigh Adjusters Houston, we're passionate about launching successful adjusting careers.  That's why our in-depth training is delivered without compromise.  As a graduate of our training academy, you'll embark on your new career as a professional adjuster with the practical skills, industry knowledge, and credentials needed for success.

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The Most Complete Adjuster Training Available Today

Are you interested in launching an exciting and rewarding new career as a professional insurance adjuster?  If so, the professional training team at MileHigh Adjusters Houston is ready to help you. 

At MileHigh Adjusters Houston, our industry-leading training academy will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and licensing you'll need to stand out as an adjusting professional.  Graduates of our training academy embark on exciting new careers with confidence, armed with the in-demand skills needed to thrive in the adjusting industry. 

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Training with MileHigh Adjusters Houston is flexible and affordable.  With both 10 and 14 day training programs, and classes available year round, you're sure to find a training class to fit your needs.  And with classes capped at 46 participants per session, you're certain to receive the personal attention you'll need to excel!

Immersive Training

1-3 day online courses fail to impart the skills and confidence needed to succeed.  That's why we exclusively offer 10 & 14 day training programs at our Houston training center.

"Hands-On" Learning

Develop the practical skills needed as an adjuster in the field. Apply training lessons in a simulated environment that includes full size model house, kitchen, and bathroom.

Mastering Xactimate

MileHigh Adjusters Houston trainees become skilled in the use of Xactmate, the adjusting software used by most major insurance providers. Proficiency with Xactimate is a "must-have" skill for adjusters. 

Licensing Prep & On-Site Testing

The Texas All-Lines Adjuster License serves as valid adjuster licensing in 30 US states, and opens the door for countless opportunities nationwide.  Our 14-day training course includes exam prep and on-site testing for the  Texas All-Lines Adjuster License.

The Nation's Best
Adjuster Training 

At MileHigh Adjusters Houston, we're committed to launching successful insurance adjusting careers. 

We know that there are no shortcuts to success - that's why we're proud to offer the nation's most comprehensive adjuster training program. 

Graduates of our training academy are equipped with the practical skills, industry knowledge, and credentials needed to "hit the ground running" from day one.

10-Day Program    14-Day Program

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Insurance Adjuster Careers

When we visit with recent graduates of our Training Academy, we often hear some version of the same refrain: "I can't believe I didn't find this career sooner!"  So what makes life as a professional insurance adjuster so great?

Great Pay!

There's no denying the financial benefits of an insurance adjusting career. Proficient adjusters have been known to make upwards of $1,200 per day processing storm claims!


When you choose a career as an insurance adjuster, you take control of your lifestyle and schedule.  You can choose to work as an independent contractor, or work in team environment as a staff adjuster.


Wherever there's a natural or catastrophic emergency, that's where you're needed.  Enjoy the satisfaction of helping people get back on their feet all across the country. 


Successful Adjusting Careers Start at the MileHigh Adjusters Houston Training Academy

Very solid training. I attended the 14 day training which is long but I feel like I am totally prepared. People coming out of this class are way ahead of other "newbies" when they go out on their first deployment. (That comes from my son who went through the same training and has been an adjuster for 18 months.) If you are not a person that is proficient with using a computer then you will struggle with Xactimate training. This doesn't mean you can't or won't work in insurance adjusting (because there are TONS of career paths) but it does mean that you will not get everything out of the Xactimate training that you need. I would encourage a "non-techie" to take some Windows training to learn as much as possible before coming to this training. The experience that the trainer has and shared was really helpful. Trainer also had a lot of knowledge and help in moving through the licensing process. This has been an effective training. Big thanks to Billy for the training, to Mark for the opportunity, to Chris for the help in getting signed up, and to Jared for the help during training!
Charlie P.
Academy Graduate
Signing up with Mile High Adjusters was the best career building decision I could of ever made. I signed up for the 10-day boot camp which focused on Xactimate and scoping and having come from a completely different industry, I left confident in my skills as well trained adjuster. Billy Banks was our trainer and between his expert knowledge and upbeat and outgoing personality, I was able to learn at ease better than I could have anywhere else. Billy would not move forward until we all got it. Even if you were still a little unsure, he would take time out to personally walk you through the situation to make sure you understood. For anyone wanting to take the cheaper way out (online), I highly suggest against it. We had two other people in our training class that had tried online first and said they finished without a clue on how to begin their career. At the on of their Mile High course, they both said "wow, it literally all makes sense now and I feel so more confident". I couldn't agree with them more.
Tyson W.
Academy Graduate
Mile High Adjusters Houston really prepares you to handle claims quickly and efficiently when you are deployed in the field. The instructors build off the previous days lessons, ultimately, to the student being able to complete a claim start to finish. The instructors offer the state licensing, Xactimate training, scoping and claims proficiency. All the programs build on each other to get you to a great starting point for your new career in a lucrative field. OWNER RESPONSE: Thank you Adam for the awesome review! You were in the Dec. 2021 class and if I remember correctly, staffing firms were contacting you before you left our course. That says a lot about your drive and determination to get this new career going by applying to as many staffing firms as you could each evening after class. It was great having you, and maybe we can sit down and eat some BBQ together sometime. Only kidding, you are going to be so busy with your new career that I'll have to make an appointment to have lunch with you. Take care, and good luck Adam!
Adam R.
Academy Graduate

Questions About Payment Options for Training?

Do you have questions about the payment options available to new trainees?  Send us a message, or call us any weekday at: (281) 741-8505